Why HHAD/HuaHinForum?

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Why Not?

"the most talked about website in Hua Hin"

Hua Hin After Dark/Hua Hin Forum is reaching a rapidly increasing global readership. Our readers range from Hua Hin residents, visitors and tourists, expatriates and potential holiday makers who need to know what is happening in Hua Hin. We aim to be a "must read" for any person living in or traveling to Hua Hin. With such a sharp focus, an advertisement on Hua Hin After Dark will have maximum effect: it will be seen by the people you want to reach, both around the world and locally.

The popularity of HHAD/HHF and the forum has increased dramatically over the last year or so. Our Google positioning stands for itself, just try it! With a daily increasing visitor base and a regular return visitor base this is the place to advertise if you want the attention of tourists, expats, locals and just about anyone with an interest in Hua Hin.

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