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hua hin nightlife
hua hin night life

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hua hin bars

Hua Hin Bars

This list of hua hin bars shows all the best venues in town and the map will tell you how to get there. The rest of the bars are also mentioned and found on the map. There is also a Hua Hin bargirls guide for the novice bar goer.

Don't forget to read our bar reviews on the forum where our readers and researchers have been out on the town checking out the the latest happenings after dark in Hua Hin.

hua hin girls

hua hin bars

The ninth annual Heineken Hua Hin Jazz Festival was a great success with two stages on the beach and a great lineup. There was also food by all the major hotels along 'jazz alley'.

hua hin girls

Hua Hin Late Night Entertainment

Hua Hin Late Nightlife

Most people at some stage or other end up in the Hilton for a beer, it offers the best selection in town. Although be aware there can be cover charges after 11pm. Closing at 2a.m. and with live music most nights of the week it is one of Hua Hin's livliest late night venues, but prices are expensive. The Hilton is usually full of girls after their shift in the bar (soon to be dubbed as the 'Thermae of Hua Hin'!) and Bangkok trendys at the weekends. Unfortunately the Hilton has somewhat of a stranglehold on the market and there are no other western style clubs or late night venues. Hua Hin has 2 main Thai-style discos, Stepz and Star Planet, the old Hua Hin favourite ‘Paradise’ has now been re-furbished and has re-opened. Stepz and Star Planet have cover charges after 11p.m. which usually include a drink. They both have live Thai bands and get very busy fast at weekends. They're great places to get a table, crack open a bottle of whisky (which can be purchased outside and taken in) and enjoy the entertainment. All close at 2a.m. Hin Nam Sai Suay also has a disco that is very popular with students and young Thais. For live Thai rock and folk music try out Samolean or Blue Station, both local venues so the prices are low and both get busy at weekends, J-Gene is also a live music pub but with a western twist.

Hua Hin Cabaret
Be sure to check out Blue Angel for the best cabaret in Hua Hin, lights, costumes and glamour!

Hua Hin Karaoke and Massage

For those of you who want to sing or be sung to, or just have a late night beer, try the Karaoke bars in the Bazaar area. If you’re after a little action or just a few laughs there are a few ‘local’ girlie bars on the street north of the night market, heading towards the railway line. The beer is cheap, and so are the girls but very few of them can speak English. There are several massage parlours around Hua Hin, each varying in their 'offerings', you'll just have to take your chances. The old favourite - the City Beach 'goldfish bowl' is no longer in operation but a similar kind of thing can be found at Petch Barber on Petchkasem Road.

More information on Hua Hin nightlife and entertainment can be found on the: Hua Hin Nightlife Forum





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