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hua hin nightlife
hua hin night life

Hua Hin Bars, Pubs and Venues

We have changed our Hua Hin bar rating system as there were problems maintaining consistency, bars change owners, staff come and go and every night is different. Different people are loyal to different bars for whatever reason and we felt if unfair to assign them a number. This new system is far more general in its rating with "generally good bars" refering to those in the top of the old table and "just bars" to the regular drinking spots. Bars in Hua Hin change names and ownership frequently so If your venue is not listed or you would like to become a sponsored venue please contact us.

For more information on Hua Hin bars and Hua Hin nightlife please see the Hua Hin Nighlife Forum

hua hin barsGenerally good venues

These places are good entertainment on most nights, usually with a good selection of drinks, sports or music and occasionally late closing.

Toro Bar : London Lounge : Nice n Easy : The Ship : Nat Bar : Fairways : Funny Girl Bar : Billy's Bar : Coconuts : U-turn Bar : Mondo's : Phoenix Bar : Jack Bar : Sabai Bar : Lazy Daze : Sugar Cane : Headrock : Lucky Shot : P&P : Buffalo Tavern : O'Neill's

hua hin barsJust Bars

Here is a list of the other bars in Hua Hin, where good times may vary but are still available!

Celtic Bar : Flamingo Bar : Friendly Bar : Starfish Bar : Valhalla : Love Shack : Lips Bar : Rose Bar : Roadhole : Linda Bar : Kittys Saloon : Buddy Bar : Mats Vegas : Rainbow Bar : Coconuts 2 : Breezin Bar : Valentine Bar : Susi Bar : Kamlai Bar : Kig Bar : Jailhouse : Limelight : Cheers Bar : Tiger Bar : Colorado : Banana Bar : Sparks Bar : Caddyshack : Joy Bar : Old Germany : Nid's Place : Queen Victoria : Miami Bar : Lucky Lukes : King Bar : Philips Bar : Sam Sam : Butterfly Rock

hua hin barsThemed or Sports

These venues are slightly different offering sports, music, themes or family entertainment. Some of them are places where local clubs meet

Easy Rider : Dick's Office : Bamboo Grove : Bernies Inn : Nervana : J Gene Pub

Find out where all these bars are on the Hua Hin Bar Map

Hua Hin Bars:
Most of the bars in Soi Bintabaht are the standard beer bar serving Heineken/Tiger for 100 Baht+, Singha/Chang for 70+ and the going barfine rate in Hua Hin is 300 Baht+. Closing time varies with the moods of the local constabulary and political events. It’s usually between 1 and 2a.m. However bars will endeavor to stay open if they are busy. There are a few bars known for their late night tendencies.

A little different:
A few places in town stand out from the rest; two bars down ‘the soi’ are U-Turn Bar and Romantic Bar. These both have plenty of hostesses (most nights), pool tables and sports TV. They are also known to stay open a little later than usual. Most of the other bars vary from day to day with their consistency; you’ll just have to try your luck! A little off ‘the soi’ is Octopussy, another better rated bar for its hostesses and pool tables. If you’re into your sports there’s Billy’s Bar in the Bazaar area and if you’re still thirsty at 3a.m. you can always get a beer in Sam Sam.

For the Family:
Mai Tai bar is a great little open air place next to the Hilton which is ideal for families and those looking to get away from the 'scene'. There is also Admirals Pub opposite City Beach hotel that re-creates that classic pub atmosphere and a couple of smaller cocktail lounges along Naresdamri Road. O'Neill's is a popular fully aircon family friendly bar serving a variety of draught beer.

The first interactive Google Earth map for Hua Hin is now complete and online. Take a look and the Hua Hin Map to find the locations of many of establishments in Hua Hin listed above. There is no longer any excuse to get lost.




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