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P and P Bar Hua Hin

I have now lived in Hua Hin for arround 5 months, I try to get to the bars when I can and to be honest the bar mentioned above is one I keep going back to. The girls are friendly and above all good fun it never seems be a downer there, the owner is also fun and can speak very good English her name is Pond tell her I sent you, this is a great bar.

Reviewer: David Green

hua hin bar

Nice n' Easy Bar Hua Hin

I guess 02.30 am isnt the best time to think of a bar review, but then it is one of the best times to be in Nice n' Easy bar on Soi Bintabaht. With most other bars closing at around one a.m. this place is a hit as you can always get a late night beer and possibly more! Not the biggest bar in town and theres no pool table but it always feels busy and usually is at this time of the morning. You're also likely to encounter some of Hua Hin's more eccentric residents after a night on the sauce. If you're still ready to rock after most have dropped then Nice n' Easy is the bar for you.

Rating: Pissheads Heaven

Reviewer: HHAD

hua hin bar

Toro Bar Hua Hin

Toro has more girls than you can shake a stick at however it’s more like window-shopping in this bar. More enthusiasm than a newbie in Nana when you’re strolling down the Soi but once you’re in there, beer in hand, they’re nowhere to be seen. It’s usually busy in Toro and difficult to get on the pool table however you’ll have no trouble finding a playing partner. This is probably one of the more popular bars in Soi Bintabaht.

Rating: Window Shopping

Reviewer: HHAD

hua hin bar

Coconuts Hua Hin
(Hard Cock Cafe)

Have just returned from Hua Hin and spent many a good night in this bar. I know the new owner very well; Danny, an Aussie, but I won't hold that against him! The bar is very lively with loads of attractive ladies to keep you company, fourteen on the last count. So if you want a really good swinging night out in Hua Hin pop along and have a drink, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer: Clive


Hua Hin Bar Reviews

Romantic Bar Hua Hin

This has got to be one of the friendliest bars in the world. The beer is ice cold, the music is great and the girls are not only beautiful but really good fun. Much of the credit for this must go to the owner who is one of the nicest, helpful and generous people I have ever met. My next visit to Hua Hin cannot come quick enough and the first beer I have will be in this bar. Probably the last as well. Get yourself there for a fun night and tell them I sent you.

Reviewer: Gordon

Nat Bar Hua Hin

Nat bar is a corner establishment situated opposite the Genie pub. It is run by Nat and Thomas who is a most convivial German host. The bar being on a corner and having no walls on two of its sides helps it achive an open and welcoming atmosphere. There is a pool table, darts and various bar games to help you relax. There is also a TV showing football every night. The bar stocks all the usual beers and spirits as well as selling a few well chosen imported German largers.
What I think gives this bar the edge over most others is the quality of the oblutions. Sanitary ware to exceed all but the most decerning toilet goer. Clean and accesorised the toilet exudes the fragrance of a freshly plucked flower, it is worth visiting this bar just to spend a baht!

Reviewer: Dave Wilson

Celtic Bar Hua Hin

It's been 12 months since I was last visiting Hua Hin. On my first visit I was enticed into the Celtic Bar simply because it seemed quieter than most and had an available pool table. The bar girls certainly don't get in your face unlike other bars, so you're left to have a quiet drink if that's what you want. However, it seems a little run-down and in need of refurbishment. I recently saw a post that it may now be under new management, I know the previous owner was looking for a buyer the last time I was there. So there is a risk that the information given here is out of date. There is a widescreen TV behind the bar and another at the rear of the premises. There are a dozen of so high bar stools and I also remember an orange (yes, ORANGE) leather sofa. The beer prices were reasonable, about 50 baht for a bottle if I remember correctly, but they may have increased by now. The music varies widely but the staff are always willing to play anything you like if you ask. The girls themselves are polite but good fun and enjoy their games of pool!
Certainly worth a visit....assuming things haven't changed in the last year!

Reviewer: Bucks 2002

I was enticed by the fact that it was the Celtic bar and I was extremely surprised and gladdened by the various Celtic memorabilia on show - some nights the girls dress up in the hoops! Only thing is, no visible evidence of it being a real Celtic bar -no videos of games, Setanta satelite so no live coverage of games. Don't know who owns the bar but if they are serious about it being a Celtic bar they will have to go up a gear - real potential for a meeting point for boys and girls.

Prices extremely reasonable; large Beer Chang for about 60 Baht or so, free pool table and no problems. A larger sized bar with good service and easy going atmosphere - the girls certainly don't get in your face.

Reviewer: Tam

Octopussy Bar Hua Hin

If you are looking for a place that stands out from the crowd and dares to be different then look no more you have arrived. All the red neon outside not only lights the street but the whole building as well, inside the uv lighting makes for a warm atmosphere with a hint of "this is the place my mother told me never to go". With all the staff dressed up in their uniforms this place just oozes fun. Probably the oldest and coldest beer fridge in Hua Hin you'll need a cold one to stop the steam coming out of your shirt. Six televisions will keep you up to date with all the sport and news you will ever need, two american pool tables mean you won't have to wait long for a game, the juke box has tunes from the 50's right up to date. If you want some sun with your beer head out the back to the garden and chill. If you stop by for a visit don't forget to ask about swing low swing high!!!

Rating: Not to be missed

Reviewer: Lofty

Johnny Walkers Bar Hua Hin

Rounding the corner from The Ship I could already hear James Brown getting down and funky before I reached the bar. The low-lights and disco flavour set the atmosphere just right for DJ Dr Dave's first night spinning the tunes at the JW's June Hipshaker. Johnnie himself was making busy on the BBQ cooking up delicious ribs and chicken for everyone. The soulful groove of sixties beats, motown, R&B and smooth soul filled the air, skillfully mixed by Dave who said "if you're bored of hearing Hotel California, cheesy pop music about ketchup and other seriously dubious tunes then this is for you". The night was a great success, a top atmosphere with cold beer, BBQ and a funky beat. The June Hipshaker will be held again on the 25 th am I'm not going to miss it!

Rating: Mellow

Reviewer: HHAD






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